My domestic worker's mother became ill last year. She saw 3 different doctors and had tests done. She could not talk or eat. She had sugar diabetes. When she visited her mother in hospital she was in a poor condition. This went on for a few days. The whole family was worried and thought she may pass away. I realised, by her account that she was in danger. I knew it was not God's will for her to die. We prayed for her mother for the Lord Jesus to heal her and raise her up. We declared by Jesus' stripes she was healed and confirmed that Jesus died on the cross to pay for all our sins and cancel all curses against us. The next day she visited her again and she was sitting up, talking and well. Tests done showed that she no longer had diabetes. Her blood sugar is normal.

My domestic worker’s sister, had stomach problems and it was thought she might be pregnant. She went to the clinic to be tested for pregnancy. However, she was not pregnant but tested positive for HIV. She was shattered. Not only did her born again brother die but then her sister, who is born again contracted HIV. It was clear that the devil was trying to destroy God's children in her family and wanted to destroy her faith. I was not going to let that happen.

At that time we had just finished the CRC Bible Training Centre Discipleship course – Module 3, with Pastor Sam. I knew God can heal her sister. I knew that we are more than conquerors and we cannot be defeated by the devil. I knew that we had to fight the devil. By that time I had already received the audio prayers from Pastor Sam. We agreed with the healing prayer that God will send His Word and heal her sister.

We believed and declared with the audio that Jesus carried her infirmities and healed her disease. We took up the shield of faith, as Pastor Sam said, and commanded all sickness to leave her body soul and spirit. We bound satan's evil powers in Jesus Name. We also put Jesus ' cross between her family and all demonic powers. Then we stood and trusted, no matter what.

My domestic worker told her sister that she must open her heart to the Holy Spirit and go again for HIV test. She did and the test was negative. However she said that the negative test may be wrong. So she went for another. The test confirmed that she no longer had HIV.

Thank you Pastor At for CRC Bible Training Centre

Berenese Ruiters

I will refer the Bible School to many people because I have grown in many areas. The Holy Spirit has helped me to understand and know more of God’s Word.

Carmen Parks

I have grown spiritually tremendously, as a born again Christian. I always wanted to have a close relationship with God and I can feel that I am moving towards that, everyday a bit closer. I now understand the verse “seek first Kingdom of God”. I understand the importance of spending time daily in the presence of God and meditating on the Word.

Attending the CRC Bible Training Centre is something that can never be taken away from me, neither the knowledge. I will most definitively recommend the Discipleship course to each and every individual. I share, on a daily basis, with others the things that was discussed and what I have learned. I’ll find my Christ identity for sure.

Cheslyn Ruiters

The first three modules of the Discipleship course have helped me to grow in my walk with God. Through this experience I know:

  • How to have fellowship with God.
  • I have learnt that the same anointing that was on Jesus Christ is on me; but our calling is different.
  • I’ve learnt the importance of being involved in ministry, and to serve in CRC – being an active and not a passive Christian.
  • I also believe that God has taken me to a different dimension in my relationship with Him.
  • And most importantly, what it is to be submissive/obedient to the Holy Spirit Glory to God the Holy One of Israel, for His grace and mercies endures forever.

Fortune Makhonjwa

Honestly!! You can’t stay the same once you have attended CRC Bible Training Centre- Discipleship course, classes. You can’t stay the same when you are being fed by our Snr. Pastors Ps At and Nyretta Boshoff.


I know who I am, not only have I started going to the gym, I am glowing, I smile more, I forgive easily. My frustrations started when the man that brought me to Bloemfontein became my husband and two years’ ago left me all alone with my two kids. I became depressed and thought it was the end of me.

  • Good news – I found my purpose. I slowly understand why I am here in the City of Roses. Jesus wiped away my tears; He is busy opening doors for me. My business is picking up, I walk by faith. I give love, I am more helpful, and I know how to control my thoughts. I am at peace and happy. I spend more time with the kids and I love myself more.
  • One thing I did, was to forgive the father of my kids and I have released him with love,

I praise God and Glorify His Holy Name because if it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be here I am the powerful daughter of the Most High God. I am blessed and highly favoured.

Justin Long

The CRC Bible Training Centre teaching I have found to be excellent and very informative regarding the deeper meaning of scripture also a deeper understanding of scripture and how to study:

The aspects dealt with are as follows: - The importance of an intimate relationship with Jesus, Prayer and studying the Bible, The Authority and Power given to us by Jesus and the responsibilities that go with it.

There is so much more information in the Bible. CRCBTC teaches how to “tap in” to all the information,

I can strongly recommend that you attend CRCBTC Discipleship course, especially if one has committed your life to Christ.

One has to prepare yourself for the onslaught of satan and his evil spirits on you as you draw closer to Christ. The teachings at CRCBTC prepare you very well for this.

The Foundational and Five Fold Ministry Gifts: I prayed with Cheslin last week. Cheslin told me that a warm/hot feeling came over him from head to toe coming from my right hand.

Cheslin immediately asked me if I do not belong to the hospital ministry as he felt that there was healing in my hand.

I do not want to lose this gift and I want to use it for God’s Glory. I am busy earnestly praying every day for the direction the Lord wants me to take. I do not want it to be a “Man” decision.

Kutloano Bohloko

Due to so many revelations with God and His Word in the past weeks and since registering for the CRCBTC Discipleship course, I now truly understand what fellowship with God is and what it means.

  • I’ve learnt how to pray better and effectively.
  • I have learned how to read and meditate on the Word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit and this has made a huge difference in my relationship with God.
  • I’ve learned how to tune into God and I’m able to hear Him speak to me.
  • I’ve just been blown away and my spirit has been illuminated at how true, factual the Word of God is. The Bible is the Word of God, the Bible is God Himself.
  • Lastly God has shown me the connection between the Old and the New Testament.

Thank You Lord! Thank You Holy Spirit!

Matete Khotseng

I was worried because I could read the Bible but not understand it for the past 53 years, but now I can read and understand, dream and foresee things even before they could happen.

  • Now I can read the Bible understand it clearly, pray in tongues. I even feel the Holy Spirit at all times.
  • I know the truth and testify with my mouth.
  • I am living a very happy life with my family and we all trust in God and let the Holy Spirit take care. In Jesus Name, amen.

Lesego Tsolo

  • My relationship with God has grown and I’ve learned to rely on Him.
  • I can now encourage others using the Word and prayer relying on the Holy Spirit to give me revelations, to guide me into all truth and not relying on my own understanding,
  • I’ve seen God move in my life since the beginning of the CRCBTC Discipleship course and have peace that surpasses all understanding, I am no longer anxious about anything anymore.
  • I thank God for Ps At and Nyretta for the sacrifice they’ve made for the Kingdom and I pray that God continues to sustain you and strengthen you that you may continue to do more for His people. May God’s hands be upon you and your family, may He continue to bless you with the blessings of Abraham. Thank you for being a great father and leader. Amen

Lisa Nel

Module 1-3 of the CRCBTC Discipleship course has been incredible! I learnt so much and grew in my relationship with God. Even though I have been in CRC for 20 years, there are always things to learn about the Bible, the Holy Spirit and the wonderful grace and love of the God we serve.

  • After losing my father and several other family members over the last few years, I suffered from depression for a long time. Even though I knew about God’s love for me, I struggled to break the heavy feelings in my spirit. By learning more in the CRCBTC Discipleship training and spending more time in the Word, and in God’s presence, my spirits have been lifted. I have experienced the peace and joy of God for me for the first time in years. I stood on scriptures like Jeremiah. 31:25; Romans 15:13; 2 Peter 1:2 and Isaiah 55:12 where it speaks of the joy and peace of God that will overflow through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • This course has really helped me to grow in my faith and to manifest the power and gifts of God in my life. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who loves Jesus.

Lydia Monaisa

The CRCBTC Discipleship course has taught me to love and forgive people who are very difficult at my work place. On 12 August 2017 we had a quarrel with the colleague. I was so disturbed that I really wanted to hate her but the same day I attended the CRCBTC and the lecturer, after lessons he gave us some time to pray in tongues and share what we had in our heart with someone we did not know in our class. I met Sandra one of my CRCBTC classmates and I explained to her the situation at work and how I was feeling. She told me that this is a challenge and I must start by forgiving the one who wronged me and prayed to God that I must love her and had a Bible to use and pray with it. I did just that and everything became fine. I had peace at work and I know how to love and pray for my enemies and know how to forgive anyone who has offended. I will like to say really by attending CRCBTC I have learned much of about:

  • How to pray in tongues,
  • Forgiveness and love and
  • To know that God loves us all no matter what kind of sins we are doing. He is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins. I enjoy each and every moment in class and I have learned so much about the Bible.

Michelle Joseph

Thank you very much for the input

  • My knowledge has been broadened
  • My son had bad dreams about an X-BOX game that he played. When he informed me, I prayed and anointed him with olive oil. I obtained the knowledge because I am attending CRCBTC Discipleship course. Ever since I did above he has not had the bad dreams again and he also stopped playing that game.

Minoli Syed

I was struggling to hear and believe God speaks to me. One day at CRC Bible Training Centre we had a practical on speaking to God and waiting to hear Him speak. I came from a bitter and painful past with my ex-husband. Some things were still bugging me, so I cried to the Lord and asked: WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO FORGET MY PAST HURTS AND PAIN? The answer was a YES. I clearly remember HIM say 3 things:

      Forgive him
      Release him
      Pray blessings over him, which I did.

Ever since that day I’ve found peace and closure and I have no bitter memories of my past. All Glory to God. I thank God for CRCBTC and the impact it has and is having on my life. I’m learning to put into practice what I learn.

Palesa Bohloko

I have been coming to classes for the past weeks and didn’t understand or get the meaning of what I was doing, however, as I received more revelation regarding how I looked at the Old and New Testament and I realise that they go hand in hand and they both reveal more of the presence of God and how God used the people in the past to talk about Jesus and the prophets in the New Testament - talk about the promises and prophesy of Jesus. Thank you so much.

Peggy Hlapane

So much light in my Spirit right now – thank you Pastor At and Nyretta – I feel like I am becoming born again, again. I thank God that I obeyed His voice. I know more about what other people need, which is why I always encourage those who I meet to come to CRCBTC.

  • I know what to do everyday something amazing when the Word is broken down.
  • My kids can pray in tongues
  • I put or lay hands on them everyday
  • They know that through sickness it’s only Jesus who heals
  • I am happier and more at peace because I know who I am.

Rodrian Esterhuizen

  • I started spending more time in the Word.
  • I speak more in tongues now than before
  • My prayer life has improved.
  • I get more revelations when I read the Word.

Sandra Immelman

Bybel skool het die volgende gedeeltes in my lewe wakker gemaak. Ons bestaan uit siel, gees en liggaam. Die feit dat liggaam en siel nie met God kan “connect” nie maar met ons gees. En toe val dit soos boekdele vir my oop. Fie feit dat daar so veel hartseer mense en ongered is – is dat hulle “spiritual-man” nie wakker gemaak is nie want hulle het nie ‘n dors vir God nie – So sal dit my nie help om hulle te veroordeel nie maar wat ek God kan vra is dat Hy hulle harte sal voorberei dat die saad kan insak. En hulle klip hart sal ‘n vleis hart word en dat God dit finale geneesing kan doen. Die 4 soorte harte het my ook tot stilstand gebring om hand in eie boesem te steek en te kyk wat kort in my eie hart. En op grond van dl die beginsels te bou en dat ek weet wat is my “gift” – Evangelis – Gifts – Gees van wysheid – kennis – en dat daar ‘n verskil is tussen talents en gifts. Ek het baie omgee in my – en wil niemand verby gaan nie.

Shoeshoe Mofokeng

Module 1 of the CRCBTC Discipleship course has really put me into practice:

  • Reading my Bible has become such an enjoyment
  • I’m open to people, especially in my line of work as a public servant;
  • I’ve boldly asked my supervisor to begin every meeting with a prayer before we commence.

Just last week I was driving a student back to residence, and we almost had an accident; by the glory of God; we came out unharmed. (I was driving him from NMO; and I literally thank God for assigning His angels to protect us.)

  • I’ve learned to diarise my dreams
  • The use of anointing oil in my home and praying off illness as a preference than running to the pharmacy has been a binding agreement between my husband and me.

Tshepiso Mbamali

I work in Langenhoven Park area and one day during lunch time, another lady and I, a colleague of mine, went to Pick ’n Pay to buy lunch. While we were still in line waiting for our food, there was another man who came in the shop talking loud to everyone. And it seems people there knew him and they were ignoring him. The lady I was with was irritated by him as well. I just greeted him nicely and we chatted nicely for some time even though people around us were somehow irritated by this guy. He and I kept talking until it was time for us to go. I told him that it is now time for us to go and I said my goodbye He looked at me and said to me “Thank you for making me feel special” I didn’t realize how by me speaking to him made such a difference in his life. I didn’t know how many times he said thank you to me. I also walked out of there feeling happy that I made someone feel special. I was like “Thank you “ Lord that I happen to be in that pace at that time.

Unathi Dyonta

I thank God for Module 1 of the CRCBTC Discipleship course. It reminded me of who I am in Christ. I am His daughter; I have dominion and have the ability to subdue everything.

God reminded me that He is a Healer of every disease and comfort to the broken hearted.

It’s been a journey for me when I lost my fiancé 2015 on the 25th July. God planned for me to come to the CRCBTC Discipleship course. I am in a better space knowing that He still loves me and let His love, comforts me every day. I thank God for this module in Jesus Name, Amen!!

Valentine Ndhlela

I am interested in learning more about God. I feel very sad occasionally when I miss a class. It is helping me to explain Bible teachings to other people. I have a strong love to reading the Bible.

Vicky Scheepers

What a privilege to be part of God’s “Family”

Module 1 of CRCBTC Discipleship course, equipped me with confidence to speak the Word in public and share my testimony without any fear. Thank you Lord Jesus for equipping your precious sheep with wisdom and knowledge. God is all powerful and all-knowing and what He said shall come to pass if we trust and believe in His Word. Amen.

Sarah Sefanyetso (Nelspruit)

Firstly, I want to thank our CRC Visionaries, Ps At and Nyretta Boshoff for giving me the opportunity to understand the word of God and the power of prayer. When I joined the CRCBTC, my intention was to gain confidence and understanding to pray in spirit, in order to experience an encounter with God. When I got saved, I did not know how to pray at all. At my age it was very embarrassing and frustrating. My daughter will pray freely and all the time I would ask her to pray because I couldn’t. I remember Thunis Neetling asked me to pry in the salvation room full of other councillors. I refused because I did not know how to start and had no confidence in me. I really thank Pastor Hennie van der Merwe for introducing the CRCBTC Discipleship course, in Nelspruit, to equip us. Prayer has changed my perception, when I pray, I used to beg God to do things for me and repeat myself. In the intercession ministry I would pray inside of me not to be chosen to open or close with prayer. Thanks to the CRCBTC, I now can pray with confidence, especially praying in the Spirit. I am now more confident and comfortable when praying in the Spirit, than before. I have seen changes in my life through prayer. Through prayer I am able to handle different situations. Today I know that when I pray I have to believe and thank God before it can happen whatever I am praying for. I thought prayer was limited to spoken words. I learnt that I can express myself to God in countless ways; by praising, worship, written prayer and through scripture. I can even pray anywhere, where the Holy Spirit directs me. I did not understand what it means to talk to my mountains and not about them. I literally thought of a real mountain, not my situation or challenges in my life. I used to say please God I beg you help me with this and that, now I do understand – thanks to the CRCBTC Discipleship course.

  • I have more understanding of the Holy Spirit than before. Before I did not understand how the Holy Spirit could work through me. Reading the Word and attending Bible School has helped me to understand the power of the Holy Spirit. Now I know that by receiving the Holy Spirit, I receive the power, ability of God through the gifts of the Spirit.
  • I remember in July this year the external auditors in my organization asked for my performance contract for 2016/2017. I knew that I must have a copy in one of my files in the office. I looked but I couldn’t find it. I was so frustrated not knowing what to do, I asked the Holy Spirit to show me where it could be. Amazingly the Holy Spirit directed me to the place where I checked before and eventually, I found it. I immediately pray in tongues and I was calm and excited at the same time.
  • Now I can see what God sees when praying in the Spirit, because I am Spirit filled. I know that anything that God wants to be done on this earth it will be done through me by His Spirit that He has given me.
  • I know that my works won’t please God unless I do it with love. Most importantly I don’t have to strive to be righteous because Jesus has already made me righteous. Thanks to the CRCBTC - I do know who God is; what God has done for me and what God says? I know who I am and who God says I am. I have grown so much spiritually than before. Amen!!